VUMIE is the flight simulator for microbiology labs.

  • For Academia

    VUMIE was created by college professors looking to teach advanced microbiology topics in
    an easy-to-understand way.

  • Learn by Doing

    Your students will learn laboratory principles in a safe, inexpensive setting with 24/7 accessibility. No dealing with supplies, spaces, or repeatability issues.

  • Have a Good Time

    Discovery is fun! Students can learn critical topics while competing with each other. Have you ever played Fantasy Microbiology League?

A better online microbiology simulation

VUMIE is a “flight simulator” for the Microbiology lab, a simulation that requires the same heads-on, hands-on effort students must master in the wet lab. ┬áIt provides meaningful practice for microbiology students, tests students’ micro lab skills and knowledge, and for the past 25+ years has been a basic component of many face-to-face, online, and hybrid microbiology labs taught worldwide.

In 2023, VUMIE Online became the latest version of this award winning software. It features a new look, more structure for teaching microbiology, and a more versatile collection of activities and resources for students and instructors…all centered around its tried and true simulation.

Screenshot from VUMIE microbiology lab simulation

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