VUMIE is the product of Intuitive Systems, Inc.  It was created as a “flight simulator” for the Microbiology lab, a simulation that requires the same heads-on, hands-on effort students must master in the wetlab.  Its uses range from providing meaningful practice for microbiology students, to a means for testing student proficiencies in micro lab skills and knowledge, to a basic component of many online and hybrid microbiology labs taught worldwide.

Product Features

  • Over 120 possible bacteria identified using more than 50 common biochemical tests found in microbiology labs.
  • Free lab manual with features like “Save the Patient“, “Creating Scientific Posters“, “Rapid ID Systems for Bacterial ID”.  There’s even instructions on how to set up a Fantasy Microbiology League activity.
  • Inclusion of “Lab Safety” discussion in the online “Help” system.
  • Extensive video-based tutorials for basic lab skills.
  • One-click submission of pdf lab reports to instructors.
  • Special “Admin Console” software which allows instructors to customize student assignments.
  • Support for Windows® and Mac®.  There is not support currently for Chromebook, Android, or iPad tablet devices.
  • Automatically installs updates to keep the software current and trouble-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

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