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VUMIE (VirtualUnknown Microbiology Internet Edition) is a “flight simulator” for the Microbiology lab, a simulation that requires the same heads-on, hands-on effort students must master in the wetlab.  It provides meaningful practice for microbiology students, tests student proficiencies in micro lab skills and knowledge, and is a basic component of many online and hybrid microbiology labs taught worldwide.

Screenshot from VUMIE microbiology lab simulation

VUMIE Online is our latest version of the software. It features many improvements over VUMIE 2012, including:

  • No installation of software required
  • Works with any web-enabled device… computer, Chromebook®, or tablet
  • Integrated lessons, worksheets and quizzes
  • Built-in Admin Console for Instructor management
A screenshot of a worksheet in VUMIE Online lab simulation

Product features

  • A faithful simulation of aseptic technique, where mistakes result in contamination and errors are recorded in the lab report.
  • Runs on any web-enabled device: Macs, PCs, Chromebooks, iPads, and Android tablets.
  • Coverage of important topics common to a microbiology lab course: biochemical testing for identification of unknown bacteria, medical/clinical microbiology, and other topics from wet lab microbiology courses. It even includes activities like “Save the Patient“, “Creating Scientific Posters“, “Rapid ID Systems for Bacterial ID”.  There’s even instructions on how to set up a Fantasy Microbiology League. See our list of Activities.
  • Over 120 possible bacteria identified using more than 50 common biochemical tests found in microbiology labs.
  • Activities include web-based excursions away from VUMIE Online. Scavenger Hunts take you on a deep dive with some important concepts in microbiology and health.
  • This is a growing product, with new content being added as new activities are completed. These become instantly available to all users.
  • Cost effective – less than the price of a typical lab manual while providing much of the same material. All resources for delivering the VUMIE Online lab experience are included.
  • Can be used to improve wet lab performance through pre-lab instruction, unlimited 24/7 access to practice and learning materials, and for post-lab assessment via auto-graded quizzes and practicals. Here are the results of a recent study on its effectiveness. Also useful for assigning makeup work. Or, can serve as the basis for a fully online general microbiology lab when needed.
  • Extensive video-based tutorials for basic lab skills. You can take a peek here.
  • Extensive Reference Library covering topics central to the course and simulation. See what we’ve got for you.
  • Integrated “Admin Console” feature allows instructors to customize student assignments, check on their work, review their lab reports, and keep track of grades.
  • Simulation, activities, extensive Help files, and instructor controls – all for about half the cost of a microbiology lab manual.
  • A video preview of the software is available here.
  • A video with information about the simulation is available here.

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