For Instructors

If you’re a microbiology instructor with an interest in VirtualUnknown Microbiology products, we’re glad you found us! Request an instructor login and, after verifying your status as an instructor, we’ll activate your account so that you can access instructor-specific VUMicro resources, pages, downloads, and activities.

Please note that VUMIE 2012, which has been in use since 2011, will not be available for purchase as of the Fall 2023 semester.  We recommend migrating the much improved and more comprehensive VUMIE Online by that time. Access VUMIE 2012 instructor resources here.

List of possible bacteria in VUMIE's lab simulation

Helpful tools for instructors

VUMIE’s admin console saves you time and makes managing your students’ labs easy. You can assign custom unknowns, view our automated lab reports, and even schedule assignments in advance!

For questions about Instructor accounts and Instructor access, send us a message from the Contact Us form.