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Objective Quiz – Tube-Tube Transfers

Indicate all correct answers.

1. Tube-to-Tube transfers are used:
2. A problem in using a mixed culture for identifying an unknown is:
3. A goal of aseptic technique is to:
4. The first and last steps of every tube-to-tube transfer are:
5. Indicate which of the following statements are True:
6. Place these steps in an aseptic tube-to-tube transfer in their proper order of occurrence:
  • Turn on burner
  • Flame mouths of tubes (2nd time)
  • Replace caps
  • Flame mouths of tubes (1st time)
  • Flame loop (2nd time)
  • Flame loop (1st time)
  • Pick up inoculum
  • Remove caps
  • Deposit inoculum